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Jacob Squire is a multidisciplinary artist based in Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia.

Engaging with a variety of concepts, such as trauma, emotional strain, love, lust, self and higher power, Jacob has been focused on developing a tenet and philosophy which reflects his growth and intrigue in the bizarre and obscure. Jacob examines these concerns through the use of Paintings, Sculptures and Costume. 

Visually, Jacob Squire's paint practice inhabits a realm in which the exploration of the physicality of the paintings takes up as much space as the actual thematic representations explored in said paintings. Drawing massive inspiration from both Art Brut and Neo-expressionism, Jacobs installed paintings bounce between traditional painting display and taking the form of architecture, pushing the boundaries of said traditional gallery painting into something more akin to sculpture, encompassing the audience with in an ambient and labyrinthian installation.  


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